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Glans Cap: VENTED – One Size Glans Protection Cap


New Glans Protection that’s Vented – One Size Glans Protection Cap Silicon


Glans VENTED Protection Cap 

CONTAINS: One (*Blue or White) Silicon Glans VENTED Protection Cap that is approximately 45 mm(1.77″) in length by 22 mm(.866″) in width.

* Blue and White Vented Glans caps are the same size and durometer. The only difference is the color and that is subject to availability.

The Vented Glans cap is a great addition to the LG Hanger and can be used to help protect the glands while inside the chamber, making it the most comfortable hanging system on the market today. Similar to a support stocking, this protector cap exerts a slight pressure on the surface of the skin, reliably preventing side-effects such as swelling of the glans.

  • Each sleeve is made from 100% medical grade hypoallergenic silicone.
  • This super soft and stretchy sleeve fits most penis devices.
  • The universal glands protection sleeve is a very soft silicone sleeve that is most commonly used as a enhancer for vacuum extender/stretcher/hanger/pump sessions.
  • Sleeves are produced in a controlled vacuum chamber which draws out all of the air bubbles making the sleeve very durable and long lasting.
  • This super soft and stretchy sleeve can be used with the LG Hanger, which is important if you wish to increase your size faster.

Vented Glans Cap are inspected 2x’s before shipping.

The silicon durometer in this product is extremely low in order to make it more pliable, therefore making it more susceptible to tearing if not handled correctly.

Handle with care when stretching and applying, as there are no returns or exchanges

*Your cap may come in either a blue or white color.

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Weight 1 lbs


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