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Benefits of LG Hanger Vacuum Based Penis Enlargement

Benefits of LG Hanger Vacuum Based Penis Enlargement

Benefits of LG Hanger Vacuum Based Penis Enlargement

ENLARGEMENT: The LG HANGER is currently being manufactured for post surgery procedures by two board certified doctors. We have sold over 500 systems in just the past year to customers who solely use the LG HANGER and have not had any type of surgical procedure. We receive hundreds of wonderful reviews on their progress. You can find some of the reviews on our blog at

STAMINA: Stamina can be greatly enhanced. A standing pendulum movements can be reformed which exercises the muscular base, greatly increasing stamina and erectile strength because the striated muscles at the base are literally strengthened and enlarged, much like building a larger bicep with weights. This is a very major benefit derived from the LG Hanger, in addition to other well-known stamina exercises such as Kegels, and towel raises.

MOBILITY: Better comfort, mobility, & diversity of movements then other hangers by virtue of its vacuum based attachment. You can not only do the standard exercises of straight down, between the cheeks, over the legs, and fulcrum, etc., but you can do bundle stretches in all of these configurations as well. This cannot be done with clamp hangers as such a movement could induce tissue injury.

WEIGHT: The LG Hanger system has been tested and holds up to 25 Lbs. weight making the progression in your routine easy. The system is so comfortable to wear and interchanging weight increments can be done quickly with no interruption. Since every persons routine is different beginners can start with the 3 Lbs. weight and progress at their own personal level.

Do you have a well-planned routine ?

Our main Hanging Systems, A & B, come with a suggested standard basic eight week routine. Most users at the eight week point can simply use common sense to continue on with their own routine configuration. For the Serious Advanced user, It is recommended to consult a professional such as Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, MS, MPH who provides a much more aggressive routine to help you reach your goals. He can be reached by email at

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