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LG Hanger – Penis Enlargement Vacuum Hanging System

LG Hanger’s Custom, Penis Enlargement Vacuum Hanging System utilizes a Patent Pending, Custom Made Chamber that is engineered and manufactured to fit each persons individual measurement’s (because no two people are the same). Our male enhancement system adds length & girth to the penis by stretching the Tunica Albuginea, thus promoting new cologne remodeling, resulting in a larger penis, this makes our system the world’s most advanced Vacuum Penis Hanging System. Hang up to 25 pounds. We work with two well known doctors and provide counseling and coaching. LG Hanger also aids in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease and curvature of the penis.

The LG Hanger Vacuum Based Hanging System

The LG Hanger Vacuum Based Hanging System

Our Penis Enlargement Vacuum Hanging System’s key component that you will not find with any other type of vacuum based hanger is our patent pending, custom made chamber. We do not begin making or processing your order until we receive your specific measurement’s. Because your chamber is unique to YOU, it fits more comfortably and creates a more comfortable seal, allowing you to hang and not restrict blood flow, pull comes more from the actual shaft of your penis and not just from the head allowing more pull on the  Tunica Albuginea and suspensory ligament.

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