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ADS (All Day System) Penis Stretcher with Velcro Leg Strap

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The ADS -All Day Stretcher

ADS All Day Penis Stretcher with Velcro Leg Strap

Your ADS Device will come with:

a QUALITY reinforced stitching leg strap, pre assembled with durable elastic and clip.

You will also receive a double ended clasp and hook with bell that is pre assembled with a partial 1.0″ sleeve.

Included in your shipment will be two additional partial sleeves (One 1.125″ and One .875″) that you can switch out in order to use whichever size sleeve you require. (unless you specify a desired sleeves size in your order notes)  You will also receive one of the white foam tapes and one of the blue elastic tapes.



ADS All Day Penis Stretcher with Velcro Leg Strap

The ADS -All Day Stretcher with Velcro Leg strap can be worn undetected under clothing all day for a continual pull equal to between 2-5 pounds, depending on the adjustment used. The sleeve is worn over your penis and is attached to the slug which in turn is attached to the adjustable elastic strip and secured just below your knee with a comfortable Velcro strap. This is the perfect complimentary device to add to your hanging routine.

Your Device will come with:

  • One (1) Hand milled ADS bell pre-assembled with black loop eye bolt
  • One (1) approximately 4″ length of 1.0″ diameter sleeve (pre-assembled on your ADS Bell),
  • One (1) approximately 4″ length .875″ sleeve
  • One (1) approximately 4″ length 1.125″ sleeve
  • One (1) Double stitched, velcro leg strap with white plastic clip and bungy cord pre-assembled)
  • One (1) approximately 7″ length of velcro safety strap
  • One (1) double ended silver clasp
  • One (1) replacement white plastic clip
  • One (1) ADS (All Day Hanger) step by step manual
  • One (1) roll White foam tape
  • One (1) roll Blue self adhesive tape

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 5 in

2 reviews for ADS (All Day System) Penis Stretcher with Velcro Leg Strap

  1. doddy23 (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and super discreet! Definitely worth it. It’s made of solid material that will last a long time! Great addition to my lg hanger.

  2. millimeters (verified owner)

    I am new to this stuff. And I will say its hugely overpriced as a market. But, that is just how it is. Once you accept that and then ask yourself “am I willing to pay a few (or even several) hundred bucks for a bigger dick…well yeah. You totally are.

    So once that was accepted I purchased this kit and it works well. I had to make a few tweaks for myself. But I am happy with the products from this site. I wish they had the .75” sleeve in the kit. I found the 7/8 would slip off after about 3 hours. Sometimes only a few minutes if I didn’t do a great job putting it on. But I am still learning and all-in-all, I am stoked and enjoying the equipment.

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