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Fulcrum Exercise Advice

The Fulcrum exercise is an advanced exercise. It is intended to help isolate the stretch at the apex of the fulcrum. It doesn't require as much weight or time as a traditional straight down hang with weight. Where ever you place the fulcrum bar is where the increased intensity of the stretch will be noticed.

I don't recommend doing a fulcrum for more than a 15 minute session. You can alternate between fulcrum and straight down hanging simply by removing the fulcrum bar. So for example a personal routine I would use would be to warm up and hang straight down with my warm up weight. Then with the same amount of weight place the fulcrum bar under the section of my shaft where I want to increase the intensity of the stretch on that particular area of my penis. Do this for  15 minutes. Then go back to a regular hang 10 minutes, then back the the fulcrum for another 15 minutes moving the fulcrum bar to a different section of my shaft. You can do this for two or three segments of a one hour session.

As for any soreness you experience, that is a good thing. It's the result of having that particular section of your shaft stressed or fatigued. This is where the healing and recovery process of building new tissue cells is generated, and ultimately how your penis will grow in size. Now the soreness is just that... soreness, like you experience with any other muscle group you have used to the point of exhaustion. It shouldn't be painful.

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